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Innovation driven facility and Self Manufacturing Setup in India under 'Make In India' initiative!

Customize Your Oat Drink

If you have a Hotel, Restaurant or Café, as a manufacturer, we can customise Oat Drink as you need in terms of pack/serving size, blends, flavours!

Customize Oat Drink!

Oat Based Soups

Oat Based Soups Explore our selection of oat-based soups, crafted with expertise and precision of Chefs.

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Oats as Super Cereals!

Rolled Oats as Super Cereals Discover the incredible benefits of our Rolled Oats as Super Cereals, carefully crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and taste. With its perfectly balanced blend of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, this nutritious powerhouse is the ideal choice for those looking to kickstart their day on a healthy note.

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Oat Based Smoothies Premix

Oat Based Smoothie Premix Discover the benefits of our Oat Based Smoothie Premix, designed to provide a balanced and wholesome blend for your daily smoothie routine. It is On-the-go Pack!

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Oats Granola Mix

Chocolate Oats Granola Discover the perfect balance of chocolate and oats with our delectable Chocolate Oats Granola.

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OATMAX believes in the Oats as Super Grain. With Vision to grow cultivation of Oats in India for Agriculture revolution and bringing together new crop cultivation by Farmers in India

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