What are Masala Oats?

Masala Oats are a savory, spiced version of traditional oats, infused with
various Indian spices and flavors to provide a delicious and nutritious meal

Are Masala Oats healthy?

Yes, Masala Oats are a healthy meal option. They are high in fiber, rich in
essential vitamins and minerals, and contain complex carbohydrates, making them
a nutritious choice for breakfast or a light meal.

Can I customize theflavor of Masala Oats?

you can customize the flavor by adding fresh vegetables, herbs, or spices
according to your taste preferences

What is the shelf life of Masala Oats?

shelf life of Masala Oats is 18 months manufacturing date when stored properly

How should I store Masala Oats?

Our product is ambient free . Store Masala Oats in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. Once opened.

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