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FAQs for granola

  How can I incorporate Oat max Granola into my diet?

Oat max Granola can be enjoyed as a breakfast cereal with milk or yogurt, as a
topping for smoothie bowls, or as a snack straight from the bag

What is Oat max Granola made of?

Oat max Granola is made from rolled oats. It
contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

 Is Oatmax Granola vegan?

Yes, Oat max Granola is suitable for vegans as it
does not contain any animal-derived ingredients

Does Oatmax Granola contain added sugars?

Yes, Oat max Granola contains added sugars,
primarily from sweetner from stiva plant.

 Is Oat max Granola safe for children?

Yes, Oat max Granola is safe for children to eat.
However, parents should be mindful of the choking hazard posed by rolled oats
and choco butter for very young children.